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SDR Console with Frequency Control Function



The actually most comprehensive SDR software supports (from version 070 ) direct frequency tuning for the DRB 32. At first using the optional USB adapter DRB USB ADP.

The author Bernd Reiser has designed an easy-to-use and well-structured software.

This software is getting better and better, also with the help of users that do care to send feedback.

SoDiRa includes two different spectral display windows. The upper display shows the complete input frequency range, while the display below allows variable resolution & zooming (+/-).

Four different receiving modes ( AM, FM, DRM & DCF77 ) can be selected (demod / decode selector ).

It is also possible to call up an additional dialogue menu (dialog) with further features & informations.

  • DRM Reception

SoDiRa has an own DRM decoder implemented. When activating DRM the software recognizes an DRM signal automatically and tries to lock in.

Correct locking of MSC, SDC & FAC is signalized by according green traffic lights. Additionally the display shows the station name and program description.

The actual signal-to-noise ratio (SNR est.) value is determined very quickly. It also takes a very short time to lock in after short-time interruptions caused by insufficient SNR.

It is also possible to generate an optional SNR log file (logswitch) for documentation of the according SNR values (mean, min & max) for long-time monitoring.

  • Analogue Modes

Amplitude modulation: AM env (envelope demodulation), AM syn (synchronous demodulator),

In case of a distorted sideband, synchronous demodulation is also possible for only lower (ASL) or upper (ASU) sideband.

An interesting experience delivers AM stereo, which is a pseudo-stereo mode and is hard to describe. Try it out for yourself.

Single side band / SSB: LSB, USB

Numerous filter bandwidths are selectable and also a noise cancelling function (noise) is provided.

An extra sub-menu is available for frequency modulation (FM).

  • DCF77 Reception

An interesting feature of SoDiRa is the implemented DCF77 decoder.

DCF77 is a precise atom clock synchronized time signal. It is transmitted via long-wave from Frankfurt/Main in Germany and reception is possible up to 2000km distance throughout Europe.

Radio-controlled clocks are using the same operating principles.

In combination with the DiRaBox frequency is set to 77.5KHz = 0.0775MHz. Synchronization is achieved for SNR values of about 20dB or more and after a few minutes the display shows the actual time & date.

SoDiRa permitts also optional synchonization with the internal PC clock.

  • Tuning

Direct frequency tuning of the DRB 30 & 32 is possible via mouse or by keybord.

Alternative tuning is also possible via Up/Down push-buttons. Step width (step) via < & > push-buttons.

  • Audio Recorder

Simultanous recording of the received transmission is possible with the integrated audio recorder (wave file).

The according push-buttons are play, stop & rec .

Sceenshot concerning configuration menu (config) in combination with DRB 30 & 32:

Selected receiver (receiver type) is DRB 32.

Port Type is at first FTDI USB via USB adapter.

Download SoDiRa