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DRB 32

Highest Dynamic Range



The dynamic range of a receiver determines its ability to recover low-level signals in the presence of larger signals

The first mixer of the DRB 32 combines maximum sensivity with highest dynamic performance.

The following Winrad screenshot demonstrates the dynamic range by feeding two signals with 100dB level difference and +/- 2KHz center frequency spacing (ref. 12KHz marking / 7.000MHz ):

dynamic 100-db

Test Generator Signals:

A: 6.998MHz & Level -30dBm

B: 7.002MHz & Level -130dBm

Measuring Conditions:

  • PREMIUM version

  • Internal AGC deactivated

  • Standard level range; HighIP deactivated

  • Resolution bandwidth 6Hz

Please note: All descriptions are for information purposes only and are related to a typical test sample. We cannot ensure or guarantee for these performance characteristics due to production tolerances.

The dynamic performance of the standard model is some dBs lower in comparison to the PREMIUM version.