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The following listing is limited to the most popular software, which is free available from the web and is also proven compatible with our DiRaBox.

We don`t provide a direct link to the providers, therefore please use a search engine and enter the software name.

Additionally there are some other commercial SDR programs available. Using a search engine enquiry will also give an actual overview.

This listing is only intended for pure information purposes without any guarantees for completeness, availability and functionality.


The most universal software, which handles DRM reception and also all analogue modes (AM / LSB / USB / FM).

A very comprehensive software with a lot of features like e.g. spectral display, constellation diagram, free selectable filter parameters etc.

This software is constantly updated.


The author Bernd Reiser has designed an easy-to-use and well-structured software which is getting steadily better and better.

With even more features than DREAM it allows DRM reception and all analogue modes including DCF77 time signal station decoding & RDS decoding.

From version 070 direct frequency tuning for the DRB 30 & 32 receivers is supported.

Due to the numerous features we have added an extra section for this comprehensive software.


A very nice software for analogue reception (AM/ECSS=AM-SYNC/LSB/USB/FM). It includes also a spectral display.

With S-meter and continuous adjustments of center & passband frequency .

An unique feature is a very effective noise cancelling function called denoiser.


From the same author of SDRADIO. Alle analogue modes with exception of FM. Double spectral display and waterfall display (overview & zoomed filter bandwidth).

With S-meter and continuous adjustments of center & passband frequency. Very effective noise reduction & noise blanker.


A somewhat elder software, also for all modes of analogue reception (AM / ECSS = AM-SYNC / LSB / USB). With continuous adjustments of center frequency & filter bandwidth, BFO-offset and S-meter.

Without spectral display, therefore the hardware requirements are lower and the software will run with 300MHz clock rate processors.


A brand new 2006 SDR software from GB for all analogue modes, which seems very promising.

Well equipped with all necessary features and includes also a comprehensive documentation. Three different DSP noise and distortion cancelling modes are integrated.

Contains a S-meter, spectral & waterfall display. Many parameters are a individually selectable. Audio recording is also possible.


This universally usable SDR software supports (from build 216) also frequency tuning of the DRB 32.

A very comprehensive software eqipped with numerous features and modes written by the British radio amateur PeterCarnegie G8JCF.

Your point of view or ideas are welcome !