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DRB 32

Control Software



Control Panel

The application software displays a small window that you can position anywhere on your desktop and can be run together with the SDR software.

The Control Panel is self-explaining. The most important function is frequency tuning.

The frequency is either selectable directly by keyboard entry or by mouse clicking of the corresponding arrow-buttons (UP/DOWN, normal & fast tuning speed).

At the rigt side of the frequency display are the step-width buttons. Smallest step-width is 1Hz, largest is 10KHz.

Additionally there is a button marked with LPT to select the corresponding parallel interface port (LPT1...3).

The HighIP button below activates the high level range.

In some extraordinary cases it is possible that weak DDS-typical artefacts occour. The ALT CLK button can therefore activate an alternative DDS clock frequency. This would eleminate almost all of those distortions.