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Software Defined Radio

DiRaWave 032

User Interface RJ10Mini

& Operation of Third-party Software



As standard the device can be operated with the freely available control software RJ10Mini under Windows (XP and higher). This control software is purely experimental and is intended only for use with the DiRaWave 032 and the RadioJet 1102S from Bonito. Accordingly we make no warranty, support or representation of any kind when using this software.

For software developers this software is also provided from Bonito as open source project written in Visual C++, but without any kind of service, support or warranty.

The provided user interface allows complete instrument control and demodulation of all standard modes including DRM.

RJMini Console

All that can be desired - Exemplary sreenshot of the RJ10Mini control panel with 1024x600 pixels minimum screen resolution, shown on a small netbook display.

Important Features:

Supported modes: LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM und DRM (mono & stereo)

Bandwidth selection: 500Hz/1000Hz/2000Hz/2500Hz/3000Hz & 6KHz/10KHz/12KHz

Frequency tuning: With mouse wheel or numeric keypad (mouse pointer)

Smallest tuning stepsize: 1Hz

Maximum frequency display span: 24KHz (minimum zoom width 1KHz) with dB linear amplitude scale

Display: Frequency spectrum or waterfall diagram

IGC (Intelligent Gain Control): IGC off/fast/medium/slow or alternatively manual IF-gain control: -16 bis +45dB

S-meter scaling units: classic(SWF)/µV/dBm/dB SNR

Recommended minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768pixels


Third-party software integration

For operation in combination with third-party software it is also possible to reduce the size of the RJ10Mini control software to a minimum operating panel with the following control functions:

Frequency input


Switching DX & RX channel


Furthermore an external IO-DLL (ExtIO_DRW032) is also available, so that third-party software can be used, which support external IO-DLL integration like WinRad, HDSDR, SharpSDR etc.


Operation of DiRaWave 032 with external IO-DLL under HDSDR (Freeware):



Software upgrade to RadioJet user interface

Since the DiRaWave 032 and the RadioJet 1102S from Bonito are identical in terms of hardware, it is also possible to purchase the extensive RadioJet software later, with appopriate support and latest updates available after registration.

RadioJet Console

Exemplary screenshot of the RadioJet control panel from Bonito shown on a high-resolution display (16:9) with 1920 x 1080pixels resolution and an additional second receiver (SDR IQ) wideband panorama scan subdisplay.