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Software Defined Radio

DiRaWave 032

DRM Reception

Official DRM Supporter (Digital Radio Mondiale)




Highest possible performance

As official DRM supporter it is a quite particular concern to us to promote the digital shortwave radio.

An important consideration in the development of the DiRaWave 032 was therefore to process DRM signals optimally, from the highest attainable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the hardware to the best possible implementation of DRM in the operating software.

Although for the DiRaBox 32 were selected premium models with DRM-SNR performance >40dB already available upon request, we were able to increase that value for the DiRaWave 032 by about 10dB as standard. The DiRaWave 032 is thus an ideal choice for performance testing, reference and measurement applications.


Best DRM performance: Direct injection of a 9KHz DRM signal which is generated via SPARK-Transmitter and resulting spectrum of about 50dB SNR+++

DRM reception in practice

The various DRM status parameters MSC, SDC, FAC and DRM-RX state are represented graphically in form of traffic lights (red/yellow/green), simultaniously the station identification and mode (mono/stereo) appears in lock status:

DRM DiRaWave